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I have a request...

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30 Oct 2012 16:29 #1 by Feyde
Feyde created the topic: I have a request...
I know we've got several different genres of music represented on our forums. This "Songwriting and Lyrics" section seems to get the most attention, but I'd like to address a couple of small changes that could help you as a new songwriter and us as listeners of your material.

Tell us something about the sound of your song if all you are providing is lyrics. Lyrics can be very profound, but if you envision it as a rock song and the listener (or reader) thinks it's supposed to be a country song... it's not going to have the impact you wanted it to. Lyrics that sound great in one genre may not work at all for another. Imagine Carly Rae Jepsen singing "AntiChrist Superstar" lyrics or Marylin Manson singing "Call Me Maybe". It doesn't fit the genre.

Second... contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have the latest recording gear to make a demo recording of your song. If you know what the melody sounds like, why not sing it into your Sound Recorder program that comes with every version of Windows? Granted, it's not going to sound like you just walked out of RCA Records or Sony Music Studios... but at least the listener has some idea of what your intentions are with the song. When you have the ability to upgrade your gear then go ahead, but don't feel like you can't do anything until you get all the toys.

Lyrics by themselves are fine, but often something that has already been said by someone else. What makes your songs unique (and more powerful) is the music, or simple melody, that goes along with the words. If I've already read your words without the music, then even when I do hear it later with the music it won't have that initial first-impression impact anymore. That's my opinion anyway.

More info at facebook.com/markbrogersmusic
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30 Oct 2012 17:39 #2 by jason
jason replied the topic: I have a request...
I agree 100% with you!

If people are getting serious about songwriting I believe they should provide their audience with as much information as possible. Including any music (There are even free apps you can download now to create a simple beat, as you mentioned until you can afford better gear.), the genre, and possibly what the song is about. The more information, the more we can understand.

I also think that writers would receive more feedback as this would help more people connect with their songs. I am more apt to leave feedback personally when I see someone that includes more detail about their song, like where it came from? Sometimes it can be the story behind the song that helps me get there.

Welcome to the Crypt!
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31 Oct 2012 16:42 #3 by Stella
Stella replied the topic: I have a request...
Good call...x

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03 Feb 2013 13:01 #4 by Omgmike23
Omgmike23 replied the topic: I have a request...
I absolutely agree with ya!

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04 Feb 2013 12:09 #5 by Rachel
Rachel replied the topic: I have a request...
Thanks I didn't think to do that :)

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