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16 Jan 2016 20:34 #1 by RadioHateCrime
RadioHateCrime created the topic: FADING TO BLACK (ORIGINAL SONG)
Got black missletoes over my head,
Always kissed by the socially dead,
Got corpse brides in my bed,
Possessed by the black missletoe over my head,
Together we sleep as if were in a coffin instead of my bed,
You heard me what I said,

I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,

Pacified by social trends,
These fashion social trails seem to have no end,
My razorblade is my only friend,
During these social court trails that don't seem to end,
Like dark taffy I bend and bend,
From being pulled by bullies and their trends,
I'm like a candle being burned at both ends,
Trying to evade bullies and resist conformity to their ridiculous trends,
No need to tell me how this chapter ends,
Already heard it from my suicide friends,

I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,

Ridiculed for having a razor for a friend,
Taunted for having convictions that just won't bend,
Mocked for having a fractured personality and heart that just won't mend,
I often ask myself will I last long enough to attempt my suicidal end?,
Done by razor my trusty little friend,
Suicide and cutting having become such glamorous trend,
Much like romeo and juliets tragically romantic end,

There's a phantom hydra horde rampaging against me to no end,
My bridge of optimizim and hope is continually fracturing as they laugh and watch it bend,
Rescued by my trusty little friend,
Who will commit my suicidal end,
As my suicide tributes to this fatal trend,

I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,
I'm fading to black,

Fading fading fading to black,
Uh huh
Fading fading fading to black
Uh huh
Fading fading fading to black
Fading to black

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