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23 Dec 2015 17:31 #1 by RadioHateCrime
RadioHateCrime created the topic: UGLY LIKE ME (POEM VERSION)
Lips laced with cyanide hearts a tomb they wonder what's inside as flowers bloom upon the graves in my mind they all wither and burn like serpentine serpentine WRAPPED AROUND MY MIND!!!!!!!! Tongue soaked with venomous dandelions eyes cold fierce like a griving lion hands ruff and scaled like a morbid dragon how did this? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!! I'm monster in both body and mind carrying graves in tomb in my stone heart and wrapped serpentine mind looks like I'm in a bind a cure for me you'll find never find SO JUST GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!! Would kiss these cyanide laced lips? Would you hold these ruff scaled hands? Would you venture this cursed corroded serpentine mind? To them vanity is everything to them vanity is everything to them vanity is everything. As I cut and claw at my wrists and vains. Wear my blood as a flag and scars as my symbols of self love and death. You don't have to accept me you don't have to love. BUT YOU WILL ACKNOWLEDGE MY PAIN! If you don't I'll just off myself by severing a vain for freedom from misery and pain. If only you were ugly like me ugly like me if only you were ugly like me ugly like me. Then maybe you'd understand.

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