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Fucked Up

14 Aug 2014 17:19 #1 by kohlt22
kohlt22 created the topic: Fucked Up
Never thinkin about what I said or who I hurt. I don't know what I'm worth. Kicked out at 17, did I take it to far? All these years and yet I didn't shed any tears. Raised to be a man and not a pussy, grew up way to fast. Thinking back I wish I would've made my childhood last. Everybody tells me I have great morals but in my mind I honestly don't give a shit about the world. All these fights we can drag them on and on but they never end. Always suspended from school so they consider me a fool. This verse is gonna hit one person the worst and all I can think of to say is fuck you. Call this the second coming because when I dump this anger all hell is gonna break loose. Been on my own since I was a boy and I used people like a toy. Used to smoke and see life as a joke. My life is full of regrets. You think your life is hard, tell me how you think think it feels to be kicked down every time you get up. Tell me what you know about night terrors of the same thing every night, tell me what you know about loving one person more then anything and they take their life. That's lost, and it's damn near impossible to find the path again. I'm tryin to get my life right. Moved so many times I don't even know where to call home. Out every night just to get away, don't belong anywhere so I feel like a stray. Feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders like heavy boulders. People say I'm a nice guy but they just don't see my real side. I act like shit don't phase me but it makes me oh so crazy. Anxiety hits and and things get hazy. Trust issues, my paranoia is like a sixth sense. If I don't know you then fuck you. I won't judge you but I ain't cool with you.

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