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Songwriting collaborations

06 Jul 2014 07:33 #1 by fwrunner
fwrunner created the topic: Songwriting collaborations
Hi Everyone,

I love songwriting & I'm looking for serious songwriting collaborations with songwriter's who are willing to put their egos aside; say what they'll/do what they say & want to have fun creating great hit songs together.

Here's my ReverbNation Link so; you can listen to my
songs & check out my songwriting style:
Kevin Nevel | Burlington, NC | Country / Pop
/ Rock /Blues /Acoustic Folk /R&B/Dance/Club

Here's the new link to "Fallen Angel"; my Patsy Cline tribute song music videos.
Todd Braley
15 hours ago near Grand Junction, CO
OUR NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!! Taylor Morrison, Todd Braley, Rachille Rusche, Dave Demay, Kevin Nevel, Yvonne Day, Jerry Gaddy, Kaitlyn Tuell, Tim Jennings, Charline Gaddy, Jonathan Stryker, Robbie Maybon, Angie Braley


Here's my 2nd version of "Fallen Angel" performed by awesome duet; "Breaking Ivory".
Taylor Morrison shared a link.

Here is our recent music video we filmed which is a Tribute to Patsy Cline written by my client
Kevin Nevel. Special thanks to Mgr Robin Linton for Sharing Breaking Ivory with me to record this song and film the music video Lauren Jane and ...Rich Lehmann), Alli Leigh who played Patsy Cline, Michael Giancana (Director), Stephen Shiveley (Videography) Pat Holt (Music Production), Joan Uselman, Bryant Lee-GiancanaBrandon Lee-Giancana and Doug Driesel who mixed and mastered the final version..


Patsy Cline Tribute "Fallin Angel" (feat Breaking Ivory)
Created by Taylor Morrison Music Group for my client Kevin Nevel. Special thanks to Producer Pat Holt, Breaking Ivory courtesy of their Mgr Robin Linton,Alli...

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my songs; please reply if you're serious about starting a songwriting collaboration :) .


"Music is what emotions sound like"

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25 Jul 2014 10:59 #2 by MissKay
MissKay replied the topic: Songwriting collaborations
I would love to do a songwriting collaboration sometime with you! That would be cool. I'm in a writer's block right now and hoping to get out of it. Email me please if you would be interested: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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