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nerd rap rough draft

02 May 2014 00:10 - 02 May 2014 00:12 #1 by chevyloo487
chevyloo487 created the topic: nerd rap rough draft
So my friend Jay had a funny idea the other day. Do you remember the Pythagorean theorem? A squared plus B squared equals C squared. Well jay wants to write a nerdy rap album called the Swaggoreun Theorem. So we wrote a couple of nerdy raps and I wanted to get some opinions. This one's called In Da Lab, we used 50 Cent's beat for In Da Club, so here's my verse.

I'm nerdy but i'm flirty in a dirty kind of way
the motion of my ocean causin gravity waves
we up in da lab doing physical chemistry
then you'll see all you needs one night to remember me
i aint foolin with this schoolin cause i'm bringing the heat
they can't even compete, when i drop degrees at your feet
i want a compliment that no one'll ever repeat
Your my higgs bozon the model aint complete
I hope you can see that i'm on a mission
I want to learn every single scientific definition
I bring my knowledge and ebonics its a deadly mix
cause i started hooked on phonics at the ripe age of six
I can see that this girl needs an intelligence fix
Thats the role i play don't need no tricks
so I dip with this chick, take a trip to see the swiss'
She says she's got love for them particle physics
so i have big plans for a couple of visits
she can't believe we got to see the hadron collider
then we back at the crib and i'm all up inside her
Last Edit: 02 May 2014 00:12 by chevyloo487.

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