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"They Turned Down Elvis" written by Li Ramsey

07 Jan 2014 09:57 #1 by IAmTheLion
IAmTheLion created the topic: "They Turned Down Elvis" written by Li Ramsey
You can say I can’t sing.
You can say I’m never gonna make it
but it’s all the same
as before.

It’s all the same as before.

/What did they say/
when the Beatles played their first song?
/What did they tell/
Elvis after his first time on?
I know I don’t seem much,
but /hey,/ I can do this.

Just watch me.

I can’t sing worship
or sing a hit country single
but I’m gonna give it all I got
cause I don’t care if you like me or not.

/What did they say/
when Hendrix opened the show?
/What did they tell/
Jay-Z when he shot for the gold?
I know I don’t seem much,
but /hey,/ I can do this.

Just watch me.

It’s like I’ve always said:
“It doesn’t matter how you play your cards.
It’s just a game.

(What did they tell…?
What did they say…?)

I don’t care.

/I don’t care what they say
‘cause I’m here to stay.
I don’t care what they tell me,
I will show no fear./
I know I don’t seem much,
but /hey,/ I can do this.
Just watch me,
I can prove it.
Just watch me,
I can do it.

Just watch me.


The Beatles were turned down many times because people weren't liking their sound, didn't think it would be a big hit.
Elvis, after his first time on stage, was dropped by his label for not having the sound they liked.
Jimi Hendrix was booed off the stage when he opened for other bands.
Jay-Z was turned down by 300 record labels.

All of these are some of the biggest artists in history (though I'm not a Jay-Z fan) and all of them were told they aren't going anywhere, they were all told they aren't any good. I may noy be as big as them, but I've been told the same things, and just like them, I won't listen.

Turn up my level, still a Rebel screaming HALLELUJAH!

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