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Come Find Me

  • Stella
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04 Jan 2014 10:29 - 04 Jan 2014 10:35 #1 by Stella
Stella created the topic: Come Find Me
I penned this last night, thoughts please...

I stepped inside your green third eye
Looked at what was there inside
I felt your emotions, i saw your life
And everything you left behind

Go chase your dream
But come find me
In your sleep
I'l never leave
Cos in your mind
You do know me
Go chase your dream
Come find me

Well they say life doesnt turn out
The way that you expect
Like the image of the love
You knew you'd never met


The clock ticks, time tells
And i wait.........i wait
Like the seventh vestal virgin
Alone at heavens gate
The place we should have met at
The truths that i had made
They all went and pissed down
Right down on my parade
Now its raining heavy
Down all over me
Washing away the lies
God had given me

But if not for the grace of God
Would we be stood today
If not for your heartfelt prayers
Would i had heard your voice
If not for angels cometh
Would i had believed in you
If not for the pulse of the USA
You might have just found me
Last Edit: 04 Jan 2014 10:35 by Stella.

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08 Jan 2014 20:03 #2 by dannphan29
dannphan29 replied the topic: Come Find Me
Ooooohhhh, very mysterious and cool sounding :D I do like~! Also, like the spoken part. I like a song that has a certain quirk about it : ) very well penned~! I don't really have anything to change about it...

RaInInG fIrEfLiEs

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