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What do you think of "Stream"?

08 Aug 2012 00:55 - 08 Aug 2012 00:56 #1 by jason
jason created the topic: What do you think of "Stream"?
I added a new page yesterday that was a feature I wanted to do in the old Crypt.

The page is called " Stream ". It's the new landing page once you first login to the site. It shows what everyone has been up to in a live stream. B) (Take that facebook!) :D

The page shows you what all of the members have been up to, respecting your privacy of course! ;) The page also has some additional statistics, and a forum feed that shows you the less fortunate posts from the site. These are either "dying" for a reply or have only been answered once.

On the profile I also made a small change B)

I started it last night then couldn't finish before bed. :P I put the the finishing touches up this morning :)

Now on the page you can see what your friends or other members are up to by going to their profiles. You can see their latest activity from around the site. The profile Stream is displayed directly under the tabs and it only shows that individual's user's activity. This can be helpful if you trying to follow a particular member.

Let me know what you think! :)

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08 Aug 2012 05:50 #2 by EdgeOfExstinction
EdgeOfExstinction replied the topic: What do you think of "Stream"?
I think it works well, it makes the place a lot more of a social network aswell as a community :) top work Jason!
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