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Introduction to Song Crypt profiles!

05 Aug 2012 09:51 - 05 Aug 2012 10:10 #1 by jason
jason created the topic: Introduction to Song Crypt profiles!
I just wanted to touch base on the profiles to make sure everyone knew how they worked.

First we will look at the first page you come to when you reach your profile. Here you can see your profile image, your user status, and below you have a bunch of different tabs with different functions.

**Note (COOL FEATURE B)): For most of the text fields you can edit them without going to "Edit Profile". Simply move your mouse over the text you would like to edit and click. A text field will appear allowing you to edit the text on-the-fly without having to change pages or screens. You can edit everything in the back end, under "Edit Profile".

Looking at the "User Status" you can see your online status, forum ranking, how long you have been a member, and how many posts you have made in the forums. You can also view these same statistics about other members when you go to their profiles. At the bottom of the user status you will see "Location" and "Status". Both of these fields can be edited by hovering your mouse over them. When you do you will see a little pencil appear at the end of the field. If you click the field a text field will appear allowing you to edit these fields right from your main profile view.

With the tabs below there are a number of things you can do. First you can see your username, the last time you updated your Song Crypt profile, how many friends you have on Song Crypt, and how many times your profile has been viewed.

Depending on how complete your profile is you may see the following information:

The more complete your profile, the better the chances you have with making new connections and friends. You can control your visability settings in "Edit Profile" so you are able to control who views your content. As you complete the fields that you are missing the progress bar will disappear.

One of the first things you can do that is included on the profile progress bar is enable your "Wall". Go to "Edit Profile" and in the "Wall" tab you can enable your "Wall", choose to have posts to your wall from Song Crypt users to auto-publish or have them on a review, and notify you when someone posts on your wall. You can use the wall to post whatever is on your mind. You can write on other members of Song Crypt's walls to ask questions, post feedback, the endings are limitless! :)

The "About Me" tab is also an area where you can edit on the page. Just click and tell us a bit about you. You can keep it as short or as long as you like :) **You can adjust the visability of this tab and others in "Edit Profile"

The "Contact Info" tab allows you to share your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and various Instant Message ID's to everyone on Song Crypt. You can edit these on the page or inside "Edit Profile". Additional security options are also available within "Edit Profile".

As new features get added I will update this thread, in addition to creating a new thread showcasing the new features. If you have any questions please free to ask! :)

Welcome to the Crypt!
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