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art project. i need your help :)

01 Mar 2015 11:20 #1 by Rachel
Rachel created the topic: art project. i need your help :)
I am currently working on a student project based around phrases I have selected at random. I am making videos and hope to turn them into a short. For my project I also need evidence to document how others interpret these phrases. If you are an artist currently looking for something to inspire you I would be more than grateful for you to use these phrases, if you send me your work. Whether it be creative writing, lyrics,painting, drawing,photography, acting, dancing, making, filming or pure sillyness everything counts.
Want a challenge?
Doves love
Chocolate sunshine
Fire sunsets
Milkshake waves
Anger veins
Flowers emotions
Daffodil eggs
Candyfloss rain
Sky death
Empty doom
Grass steak
Scary crows
Ballet tutu envy
Black ice angels
Pretty lillac
Blushing Barbie
Sad magic
Summer darkness
Calm fire engine
Sunflower passion
Fire exits
Fear that door
Halloween jelly
White hot snow

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