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Need Help

09 Aug 2012 21:15 #1 by jojetta
jojetta created the topic: Need Help
hey..me and 2 friends we started a band and we are looking for producer in alexandria egypt ... we have a good voice and we will post our videos Soon On youtube.. So Can anyone help to find a good producer so we can start an album?

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10 Aug 2012 00:59 - 10 Aug 2012 01:04 #2 by jason
jason replied the topic: Need Help
Hi jojetta! :)

First, welcome to Song Crypt! B)

In most cases you will never get signed by walking into a producers office or calling them. Because of Bieber everyone now has this false conception that YouTube will make them famous. Most executives don't spend their whole day watching YouTube. Most of them are out networking with other musicians, going to clubs to see live shows, and listening to music that they have received.

Your best chances of getting signed come from exposure. The more people that know about you the better. If you intend to get serious about your dream then most likely you will need to start investing yourself, your time, and energy into this. This will not happen overnight and only comes if you are determined. IT really depends on you. If you do nothing other than post videos on YouTube, you have a chance, but if you prepare demo CD's, make an effort to get at least one track professionally recorded, and make attempts to perform on a local level you will have a better shot of being noticed than with "just" YouTube.

Use this site to help you learn new techniques and network with other artists who are trying to do the same things you are. You can learn from others who are steps ahead of you and you can help others who are just getting started. You are influenced by the people that surround you, the books you read, and the music you listen to. Be conscious of where your creative energy is spent. Make sure everything you do in life is towards your goals and if music is you goal, then make sure you prioritize what is most important.

Cheers! :)

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