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can the position of the mic make a big difference?

01 Aug 2013 15:40 #1 by TheBobbyONeill
TheBobbyONeill created the topic: can the position of the mic make a big difference?
I recorded vocals to a cover song the other day, and I'm not an amazing singer or anything, but I think they came out pretty well. Today I was excited to record vocals to another song that I've been practicing for a while and, I think I can sing it pretty well, but when I played back the recording, it sounds much more... fuzzy. That might not be the best word to describe it, but the quality is much worse than it was before. I tried to fix it with equalization and compression, and I played around with the mic settings, but after 5 or 6 recordings, I couldn't get the same quality I had the other day and gave up. I've been frustrated trying to figure out the problem, and it just occurred to me I had the mic much closer to the wall than last time (I was trying to record myself in the wall mirror). The walls are pretty empty to begin with because I can't afford acoustic foam at the moment, but I was wondering if the position of the mic in relation to the wall can make that big a difference in sound quality. The mic is a Blue Spark condenser mic. I can upload the track I recorded the other day and what I tried to record today if it helps, but there was I pretty big difference in quality.

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