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29 Sep 2012 02:36 #1 by admin
admin created the topic: Monster
(verse 1)
i feel your presence
its so cold from the distance
where are you now
behind me, whispers aloud

(verse 2)
looking through my window,
or standing in my house
i want to be alone
please just get out

your just a monster
stop getting closer
i know your here
you know youre my fear
what are you thinking?
i hear you breathing
my heart is so low
i want you to go

(verse 3)
shadows are visible
your kind is spiritual
what do you think i see
what do u want from me

i cant think straight
your taking my fate
im not the one neglected
stop trying to steal my reflection

forgive me for doing nothing,

(verse 4)
im tired of crying
the thought of dying
i want to be sleeping
rest in peace, deeply

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