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Recipe to L.o.M.d


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26 Sep 2012 17:50 #1 by admin
admin created the topic: Recipe to L.o.M.d
I’m from that GA
In the basement of a house full of pain like C.J
Where the only way they put you on the replay, is if you sell to the max like TJ
Dudes attitudes worse than pre-k
You can’t base yourself free but welcome to freebase
You can watch how the tours go
When I get mine I’m gon put on my city forget the wardrobe
God sent me a dream where a dude got more shots downtown then Anthony Morrow
Murderer ain’t feel no sorrow dig in a dead man’s pocket grab twenty dollars to borrow
Between them morale was low, but where were his morals?
In the mainstream all I see is plastic
What is this a Nicki Minaj porno?
Going from the freezer to the oven quickly Digorno
You a mockery of a man Jubilation T. Cornpone
I won’t smoke I’ve sworn bro
Cuz if I overdose fans ain’t got time to mourn yo
Tweety better back down like Shaq back to the basket
Or we lay the corpse in the casket, lay the Earth over it as a way to mask it
Shouts out to my athletes and lesbians
Nerds and the thespians
Cheerleaders who are pure or my wild then equestrians
I love all y’all equally shouts to my fellow squarians, rep the crew frequently
Dudes dabble on they PSP’s
Actin like they know me, no one other than mom, Lil bro, Marieme, or if you got ESP
Channeled to my brain, which is a panel to my pain
Can’t raise my hands to the radio these days like John McCain
Shouts out to my boys Benny and Zach they too insane
To my haters you can’t stop the reign
Talk reckless get your rib shacked, new name Shane
Keep being stupid I go cukoo, Super Saiyan
I love my brother like the Wayans
Sticking close to my roots call that Kunta Kinte’n
Test me I pee on your stampede
I said I wanna rap some said you can’t spit, focus on something you can be
Block the critics, Marcus Camby
Stop hiding behind the shams please, all the fakeness just can’t breathe
Esco and Hurra tryna slam me
Man they really tryna slam Free
All I’m saying, once the damage is done, don’t expect me to pay that man’s fee
The lines up in my mind are designed to get shine
Combined with beats to go Aurora Columbine
God Bless the victims
And I hate the dudes that was getting ‘em
R.I.P. Jorelys Rivera
Man girl must have been terrorized
Killed her open the trash can enclosed her inside
Bet not one shot of blood ran through his eyes
Now you both gone
But Ryan Braun you a fraud
And rightfully had to deal with the law then the lord
(Hook x2)
Represent the L.o.M.d
Tryna be one of the greatest MC’s
CD’s and MP3’s
Please help me reach my destination before my tank is empty
For Him I rep that L.o.M.d
I rep that L.o.M.d (x4)

My fellow rappers blowing trees like these southern rednecks blow seeds
A little too much but I love the rap game
So I can’t throw in the towel before the E on my gas tank
Down here in the country it’s hard to find a fellow black man
If you do they show an example of what rap became
Peer pressure but you won’t push if I don’t let ya
Learned that from mama’s lectures
Used to get annoyed she would reply
Lil’ boy who gon pick you up if I don’t get ya
From then on made sure to respect her
I was asked would I go through if a fine girl asked me to undress her
I was like no way if I just met her
They was you gay dog mine as well fess up
Shot back if I got respect that means I’m a homosexual
Noticed we ain’t tight
Say we boys black lie in daylight
Freeman, Taekwon, JoeJas, and Wyser are wizards
Aka youth black mages
Labels keep you in a cage
Contract signs you as a slave
Have you rapping about T&A when you want to step in the office go TNA
All the cheapskates want more than a slice so they swindle your cheesecake
Take it all just like sweepstakes
If you don’t who I am
Je M’appelle Freeman
Ce garcon flow like semen
Have the crowd screaming louder than if you woke up next to 3 she-men
(Hook x2)
Represent the L.o.M.d
Tryna be one of the greatest MC
CD’s and MP3’s
Please help me reach my destination before my tank is empty
For Him I rep that L.o.M.d
I rep that L.o.M.d (x4)

They say tha kid reppin L.o.M.d
Got the crowd going
In the future y’all gon know him
Listen to the flow you’ll know it
He’s a freaking poet
OMG a freaking poet
You a hundred levels below him
Cuz he’s a climbing poet
OMG a climbing poet
He got these lyrics and grab these beats watch him sew ‘em
Cuz he’s a tailored poet
Suits a tailored poet
He blow down your house
Cuz he’s a big bad poet
Watch out pigs a big bad poet
Wrote this in math class
Cuz he’s probably a poet
Roll it he’s probably a poet
Hear a rumor he gon mow it
Cuz he’s a hard-working poet
Lift his city he’s a hard-working poet
Kill these beats all the time
Cuz he’s a hunting poet
Birds fall out the sky cuz he’s a hunting poet
Eat the game up
Cuz he’s a hungry poet
Beats on the menu cuz he’s a hungry poet
He gon live out his dreams look at him flowing
He’s a master poet
Rap and Hip-Hop is the queen and he’s the master poet

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