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Full-Blood Moon


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23 Sep 2012 15:13 - 24 Sep 2012 00:05 #1 by admin
admin created the topic: Full-Blood Moon
(Bpm on 177; Verses are slow and dark; Chorus more rythmic and Bombastic. Symphonic Metal song, Written for an operatic male leggero tenor voice, and a backing female lyric/coloratura soprano voice)

Female Backing

Instrumental Entry

Looking up at the sky...
I leaned forwards to cry...
Ah-ah, ah-ah...
Cursed to survive...
In this aura, deep as night...


Once a mystery solved in its crying shade,
The light of the dead put a spell on their names.
While roses, sage branches, black widows from hell,
Enlighten the darkness, send this soul to its grave...


Drama and Faith called to the moon's grave,
their eternal hope to last till the end!
In the moon, when it's full, you'll be cursed in its graze,
You'll see blood, you'll see death, never free...


Setting sorrow alight...
I won't dream free from this night...
Ah-ah, ah-ah...
Looking out for the fight...
To break the curse, lead me back to my life...


After the kill, your dark star pulled away,
Red-light of the soaked-in-blood corpse you betrayed.


An angel! A dead soul...
Knew not to find life.
For she knew, in her heart...
She would die twice!

Her demon... Betrayal!
Gazed at the moon's light!
A trap, eternal...!
Alone at dusk-time!

The moon! Alone! Knows not! Rejoice!
For the! Curse is! Never gone!

A soul! Of gold! Took her! Her blood!
Signi-! -Fying! The end of all hope...

(Instrumental part, growing slower, and deeper, till only piano remains)

He would never escape, no matter how much he gazed...
Tears in his eyes, blood on his hands...
The curse, of the Full-Blood Moon at night...

'Tis quite a complicated and long song, with many dimensions:
1. The verses, the man, the demon, bringer of chaos to a land of hope and fantasy. This is reality, cruel, demonic.
2. The backings, the dramatic voice of the angel, with her bright soul, signifying life and creativity, brought down by the killer.
3. The moon, caster of the curse, forcing the two to coexist and battle.

While reality tries to bring down fantasy, and our dreams, the curse makes it so that imagination is saved no matter the external attacks on it.

Hope you enjoyed
Davhyd Hanych

Full-Blood Moon

Written by:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]
Last Edit: 24 Sep 2012 00:05 by jason.

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